Gorgeous Love Bracelet - Cuff


For sale are lovely Love Bracelets. This will make a wonderful gift for you or someone else.

The Love Bracelet—that classic all-gold bangle is wide enough to slip them over the hand onto the wrist. The bracelet has a timeless appeal that has come to represent everlasting cool among the fashion set.

The design was originally conceived to symbolize eternal love (there are still some women who were gifted the bracelet when it was introduced in 1970 and have never taken it off), but now it can stand for anything—a completed degree, the birth of a child, or even as a present for yourself. There doesn’t have to be a romantic connotation as this bracelet can be given on any occasion.

These bracelets are crafted with the finest details and most durable metals to create this high quality piece. This is not to be confused with the cheaper versions out there. One of the strongest metals are used to make this piece, stainless steel. Comes with box, shopping bag, & authenticity card.


Stainless steel jewelry is slightly similar in appearance to silver. It is harder than silver and will not tarnish which is why it is increasingly used in jewelry. Depending upon the shape and type of jewelry stainless steel may be more difficult and hence more expensive than a corresponding piece of silver jewelry. Stainless steel jewelry is more jewelry than gold and silver.


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