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Celine Style Gold Chain Sunglasses

We were so happy to finally receive our shipment of the Celine style gold chain sunglasses. These sunglasses are excellent quality and really remind of of the originals. We were really happy with the quality. We wanted to give an introductory price to our customers of $25! A lot of you took advantage of our ridiculously low price! The real retail price should be around $200, but we really want you all to get this look for less, duh! so enjoy the price at $70! You won't be disappointed! we only have a few pairs left so get them before they are gone! 


"From fashionistas, to musicians, and even regular sunglasses enthusiasts everyone and their mother was was looking for these Celine Chain Sunglasses. 

I have only ever seen two of these pair of Celine Chain Sunglasses in the media. One warn by Kim Kardashian, and the other by Tyga at the BET Awards last weekend. The Celine Chain Sunglasses come in two different styles, one with chain arms, and the other with a chain top! The large black acetate makes the Celine Chain Sunglasses a no brainer to fit any and all face shapes! Supplies are BEYOND limited!" 


Dominique Fernandes July 31, 2013 1 tags (show)

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